By car

For the route with navigation system please enter 31860 Emmerthal, Grohnder Fähre 1 in the address field.

The guesthouse Grohnder Fährhaus is located on the eastern side of the Weser, opposite the village of Grohnde, between the villages of Latferde and Hajen.

Coming from the B 83 (from Hameln), take the Emmerthal exit from the Bundesstraße. In Kirchohsen at the church you cross the Weserbrücke to Hagenohsen. At the crossroads after the bridge, turn right towards Latferde. In the town of Latferde at the kinking driveway, do not follow the main road but continue straight ahead. After about one kilometer a small road leads to the hotel and campground Grohnder Fährhaus.

Coming from the direction of Bodenwerder from the B83, turn right in Hehlen (about 4 kilometers from Bodenwerder). A single-lane bridge leads across the Weser to Daspe. At the crossroads after the bridge turn left and follow the road to Hajen. They pass through the village on the main road. About 1 kilometer from the village of Hajen is a street to the guesthouse Grohnder Fährhaus.

Opening hours of the Weser ferry Grohnde can be found on the website:

By train

From Hanover main station to the Emmerthal train station (at regular intervals take the S-Bahn no. 5, direction Paderborn. (The transport of bicycles is limited).

By bus

By bus, buses leave from the bus stop “Grohnde Ferry” (east Wesereite) or Grohnde Kirche (western side of the weser) in the direction of Hameln and nearby towns.

Per paddle, oars, – motorboat

For river kilometers 122.1. (Investor, slipway and and berths available); As well as “Yellow Wave” vessels on the western side of the river at 122.3 km.

By ship

In the season on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays at 10.00 am from Hameln Investor Flotte Weser; At Grohnder Fährhaus 11.45 am, at Bodenwerder 13.30 am on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays at 5 pm from Bodenwerder Investor Flotte Weser; To Grohnder Fährhaus 17.50 clock, to Hameln 19.00 clock

By bike

The Grohnder Fährhaus is located directly on the Weser-Fernradweg R 99; Approximately halfway between Hameln and Bodenwerder (each about 12 kilometers).

On foot

On the Loccum-Volkenroda pilgrim route The Loccum-Volkenroda pilgrimage route connects more than 300 km of two of the most important north and middle-German cultural landscapes in a fascinating nature.